Central Government Debt Narrowed by LTL 46 million


2005 07 29


Vilnius, July 29 , 2005. According to the data presented by the Ministry of Finance, in June  the central government debt narrowed by LTL 46 million and in end-month it made up LTL 12.02 billion, i.e. accounted for 17.6%  of the projected GDP for the year 2005.

Over the month the central government domestic debt increased by  LTL 20.3 million and in end-June represented LTL 3,775.9 million (31.4% of total debt). Long-term domestic debt liabilities amounted to LTL 3,577.2 million, short-term – LTL 198.7 million. The central government was indebted to internal creditors: financial sector – LTL 3,362.4 million, non-financial sector – LTL 43 milion, other creditors – LTL 370.5 million.

During June the central government foreign debt decreased by LTL 66.3 million and in end-month amounted to LTL 8,247.6 million (68.6 % of total debt). The central government was indebted to foreign creditors: international organisations – LTL 877.7 million, foreign government institutions – LTL 176.8 million, banks and other financial institutions – LTL  7,193.1 million.

Total long-term central government debt amounted to LTL 11,760.9 million (97.8% of total debt), short-term debt made up LTL 262.6 million (2.2% of total debt).