More Than LTL 3 billion of State Budget Revenue Over the 1st Quarter


2005 04 06


Vilnius, April 6, 2005. According to preliminary data presented by the Ministry of Finance, the State budget received LTL 3 billion 214.3 million of revenue over the 1st quarter this year, EU funds included. EU funds excluded, the State budget received an amount of LTL 2 billion 661.2 million - by almost LTL 64.7 million exceeding the planned revenue amount.

Over the 1st quarter of 2004 the State budget replenished with LTL 2 billion 330 million, of which LTL 76.28 million – EU funds.

The larger than planned amount of revenue was determined by successful collection of personal income tax, corporate tax and excise duties, as well as payments by science and education institutions to the budget that were collected for research and development services provided by them.

The planned revenue amount for the year 2005 approved by the Seimas is LTL 13 billion 850 million, where LTL 2 billion 676 million is EU assistance.