Authorisations to State Debtors

In accordance with the Law on State Debt of the Republic of Lithuania (Official Gazette, 1996, No. 86-2045; 2004, No. 3-41) a natural or legal person of the Republic of Lithuania — with the exception of banks and municipalities — who in accordance with the contract concluded with the State has received a loan from the funds obtained in the name of the State and who has assumed an obligation in respect of the State concerning the use and repayment of such loan, or who has received a loan under a contract concluded with a domestic or foreign creditor, or under other debt instruments the fulfilment of the terms whereof is guaranteed by the State (until property obligations have been fully discharged without a written authorisation issued by the Ministry of Finance or the State enterprise “Turto Bankas”, where this State enterprise administers the loans, State guarantees and other property obligations transferred by the Ministry of Finance, and without having agreed upon the terms for the performance of the actions concerned shall have no right to:

  • Reorganise the company;
  • Reduce the authorised capital;
  • See or otherwise transfer, lease or pledge the non-current assets;
  • Provide surety, or otherwise guarantee with their assets, the discharge of liabilities of other entities;
  • Grant loans (except consumer credit);
  • Invest their assets into other undertakings ;
  • Assume new obligations through distributing debt securities, signing loan agreements, leasing (financial lease) agreements or other debt instruments.

The State debtors, whose loans and debts in accordance with Resolution No. 811 of 12 July 2000 of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania “Concerning the loans and the State guarantees transferred by the Ministry of Finance for the administration to the State enterprise “Turto bankas” (Official Gazette, 2000, No. 58- 1724) have been transferred for the administration to State enterprise “Turto bankas” shall apply concerning the authorisations to State enterprise “Turto bankas”.


The list of debtors who have received loans on-lent by the state and/or loans with the state guarantee 

The list of debtors of State enterprise Turto bankas, who acquired diesel  fuel by leasing


Contact persons:
Henrika Štenger,
Senior Specialist of Debt Liabilities Administration Division of the Ministry of Finance
Tel. + 370 5 239 0123, e-mail: [email protected]

Romualdas Žemaitaitis,
Director of the Assets Management Department of AB Turto bankas
Tel. + 370 5 278 0960, e-mail: [email protected]

Last updated: 19-08-2021