Government Borrowing Programme for 2023

In 2023 the Government of the Republic of Lithuania plans to borrow approximately EUR 4.2 billion. The largest share of funds is planned to be borrowed in international markets by issuing Eurobonds in the amount of EUR 1.3 billion. It is also planned to borrow in domestic market by issuing Government securities in the amount of EUR 2.4 billion. It is planned to continue to tap the Eurobond issues in the domestic auctions. To manage the State budget flows, Government of the Republic of Lithuania might issue the T-bills. Also the loans from IFIs will amount to EUR 0.5 billion. Additionally, the State budget expenditure in 2023 will be financed from accumulated balance of 2022 – approximately EUR 1.4 billion, from unused funds in the amount of EUR 0.2 billion, which were returned by appropriation managers at the start of 2023, and from the repayments of funds lent in the previous years in the amount of EUR 0.03 billion.

Financing in 2023, EUR billion:

Approximately 2.6 billion is planned for financing the general budget deficit, of which about EUR 2.4 billion is envisaged for financing the State budget deficit and EUR 0.2 billion for financing the EU funds imbalance. EUR 2.0 billion will be designated for the repayment of the debt – EUR 1.8 billion for domestic debt repayment and about EUR 0.2 billion for foreign debt repayment. About EUR 0.1 billion is planned for other purposes. Also, about EUR 0.4 billion will be allocated to ensure the government cash flows at the beginning of 2024 and EUR 0.7 billion for the redemption of Eurobond issue in the beginning of 2024.

Borrowing requirement in 2023, EUR billion:

It is projected that the general government debt at the end of 2023 will make up about EUR 27.9 billion, or 37.8 per cent of the projected GDP of 2023 and the limit for net change of debt liabilities is set at EUR 4.8 billion.

Last updated: 26-09-2023