Information for Primary Dealers

Only banks and financial brokerage companies that met requirements set by the Ministry of Finance for auction participants and have signed Government Securities (GS) Auction Participant Agreements with the Ministry of Finance are allowed to participate at the auctions.

Main responsibilities of an auction participant:

1. An auction participant shall submit competitive bids, corresponding to market conditions, for each GS auction and Purchase at least 1 per cent of all GS sold in auctions each quarter.

2. An auction participant shall, in at least one generally recognised and used information/trading system (e.g. NASDAQ, Bloomberg, Reuters), continuously announce bid and ask yields of all GS issues it has and the amount of GS purchased and sold at the indicated yields.

3. An auction participant shall provide the Ministry of Finance with the reports on transactions in GS.

Other responsibilities of an auction participant are set in the Requirements for auction participants (new version as of 1 February 2016).


As of 1 March 2016 auction participants shall provide the Ministry of Finance with the information on primary and secondary market trades executed during the previous month in the Harmonised Reporting Format as agreed by the EFC Sub-Committee on EU Sovereign Debt Markets. Later on this informations is consolidated into the Euro Market Activity Report (EMAR). The trades to be reported include Lithuanian GS in both domestic and international markets and denominated in euros. Reports on transactions in XML format are to be sent to

Additional information:

More information on the Harmonised Reporting Format can be found on the EFC Sub-Committee on EU Government Bonds and Bills Markets' website.

Consolidated euro area dealer activity reports EMAR can be found here.

Last updated: 19-06-2020