Other Debt Instruments and Guarantees

Ministry of Finance can also borrow on behalf of the State by signing loan agreements with domestic and foreign creditors, including international financial institutions, state– and municipality–controlled entities and foreign governments.

Loan Agreements with International Financial Institutions

Institution Amount (millions) Currency Date of agreement Term (years)
Nordic Investment Bank 100 EUR 2015 04 27 20
100 EUR 2009 12 09 20
  Purpose: Financing of the Public Sector Efficiency Project and the Housing Renovation Programme.
European Investment Bank 600 EUR 2015 05 07 25
Purpose: Co-financing of projects in transport, energy, environment, innovations, agriculture and other areas under Lithuanian operational programmes for 2014–2020.
1132 EUR 2009 03 13 25
Purpose: Co-financing of projects in transport, energy, environment, innovations and other areas under Operational Programmes for Development of Human Resources, Economic growth and Promotion of Cohesion for 2007-2013.
The Council of Europe Development Bank 100 EUR 2015 04 24 20
Purpose: To finance construction or renovation of cultural, healthcare, education and sports facilities that are included into the Public Investment Programme 2014-2018.
130 EUR 2009 08 20 20
Purpose: Partial financing of eligible individual investment projects undertaken by the Republic of Lithuania to partially finance its State Investment Programme 2009-2011 in these sectors: improving living conditions in urban and rural areas, health, education and vocational training programmes.

Securities and Loans in German market

Instrument Amount (millions) Currency Issue date Coupon / interest rate Redemption date
Registered bonds 110 EUR 2012-09-13 4.03% 2022-09-13
Registered bonds 185 EUR 2014-05-30 3.43% 2034-05-30
Loan 45 EUR 2012-09-13 4.03% 2022-09-13

State Guarantees

Debtor Guaranteed loans outstanding at the end of 2018 (EUR thousands)
I. State guarantees which were assumed in accordance with the provisions of the Republic of Lithuania Law on State Debt 366,001.9
   1. State guarantees to international financial institutions for the purpose of State investment project financing (individual guarantees)  
        JSC "Klaipėdos nafta" 76,454.1
    2. State-guaranteed loans to students   
       The State Studies Foundation 65,015.2
   3. Loans guaranteed by guarantee institutions  
       Agricultural Credit Guarantee Fund 117,213.4
       Investment and Business Guarantees 107,319.3
II. State guarantees to international financial institutions under international treaties ratified by the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania  15,183.0
    Guarantees on loans granted by the Nordic Investment Bank for investment projects 13,714.1
    Guarantees on loans granted by the Nordic Investment Bank for environmental investment projects 187.6
    Guarantees on loans granted by the European Investment Bank 1,281.3
Total (I+II) 381,184.9
Ratio of State-guaranteed debt to GDP, % 0.8%

State guarantees at at the end of previous years can be found here.

Limits set for State guarantees in 2019 are here.

Last updated: 17-04-2020