Priority Areas and Types of Assistance

According to the Framework Agreement, Lithuania will get the Swiss financial assistance for the following priority areas:

  • Improvement of the perinatal and neonatal health care system;
  • Introduction of energy efficient building technologies in hospitals, including the modernization of heating and water systems, air ventilation and air conditioning;
  • Development of the fundamental scientific research;
  • Assistance to Lithuanian NGO’s initiatives by strengthening the communities’ organizations and their co-operation with local municipalities;
  • Modernization of the information technology usage in courts.


Focus areasMln. CHF
1. Improvement of the perinatal and neonatal health care system45,6
1.1. Rehabilitation and modernization of basic infrastructure and Improvement on the Environment19
1.2. Health26,6
2. Research and development13,052
3. NGO Block Grant5,553
3.1. Project Preparation Facility0,45
3.2. Swiss Programme Management3,54
3.3. Lithuanian Technical Assistance1,08
4. Installation of the video-conferencing equipment in courts1,77
4.1. Total70,858

A programme approach shall be applied in the first two focus areas. There would be prepared Block Grant for the third one, for the fourth - individual project.

Types of Assistance of Lithuanian-Swiss Cooperation Programme:

  • Programmes
  • NGO Block Grant
  • Individual Project
  • Other Forms of Assistance
    • Project Preparation Facility
    • Technical Assistance Fund
    • Scholarship Fund

Last updated: 12-11-2023