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2020 05 29
Using COVID-19 as an opportunity for economic growth

When talking about Lithuania’s economy in general, I would like to stress that in terms of gross domestic product (GDP) per capita, if we look back over the last ten years Lithuania is the fastest-growing country in the whole Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development region. I am very proud of this and, of course, this incredible achievement is embedded in fiscal...

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2020 05 19
Lithuania Following COVID-19: Investment That Will Change Economic DNA

Digitisation and reorientation of industry, attraction of new investment, retraining of the employed in high value-added areas, biotechnology, medical services, deployment of renewable energy sources. These are just a few of the long-term investment proposed by the Ministry of Finance to help the national economy recover after the pandemic and to change it...

2020 04 28
Lithuania borrows the record amount in the international markets

Today Lithuania borrowed EUR 2 bn in the international capital markets by issuing two Eurobond issues of different maturities, the 5-year Eurobond of EUR 750 mn face value and 10-year Eurobond of EUR 1,250 mn face value.  This record amount received for Eurobonds will be used to provide liquidity for the state treasury.

2020 03 27
Nordic-Baltic Ministers, Governors of the Nordic Investment Bank (NIB), have today invited the Bank to take swift action to help alleviate the effects from the corona crisis

The Governors urge the Bank to increase lending to the maximum level to businesses in the region affected by the crisis. In this way, the Bank can support stabilization of the economy in the Nordic-Baltic countries.

2020 03 16
EUR 5 billion for public health and the national economy

Ambitious, showing solidarity, effective and therefore significant: this is a plan that today the Ministry of Finance has submitted to the Government together with the Ministry of Social Security and Labour, the Ministry of Economy and Innovation, the Ministry of Health, and the Bank of Lithuania. It is planned that 10% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) will be...

2020 02 28
Recommendation - prepare for the Ignitis Group IPO

Today, the Working Group which was set up by the Ministry of Finance to assess Ignitis Group long-term financing alternatives, provided a recommendation to prepare for the Company’s initial public offering (IPO). The Working group provides its recommendation confirming that the Company will need 5-6 billion EUR during the period of 2020–2030 in order to achieve the goals...

2020 02 17
Lithuania’s impressive Fintech growth extends into 2020

The Fintech Landscape in Lithuania report, a yearly study providing a snapshot of Lithuania’s Fintech sector, was released. The report, which looks at the state of Fintech in 2019, confirms the continuation of the strong growth trend of previous years, with the number of Fintechs increasing by 24% to 210 and the number of jobs in the Fintech sector increasing by over 30% to...

2020 02 03
After a six-year hiatus, Fitch Ratings upgrades Lithuania

Following a favourable assessment of Lithuania's public finance and economic situation, Fitch Ratings, the international credit rating agency, has upgraded Lithuania’s long-term and short-term Foreign-Currency Issuer Default Ratings from A- to A and from F1 to F1+, respectively. The agency's long-term credit rating is stable.

2020 01 16
EIB opens regional office to strengthen presence in the Baltics

The European Investment Bank (EIB) Group has today officially inaugurated its regional representative office for the Baltic Region in Vilnius, Lithuania. At the inauguration ceremony in the presence of the Lithuanian Finance Minister Šapoka, the EIB’s President Hoyer and Vice-President Stubb unveiled of a commemorative plaque, officially kicking off the permanent...

2020 01 11
Credit Rating Agency DBRS Morningstar Upgrades Lithuania's Credit Rating Outlook To Positive

International credit rating agency DBRS Morningstar has upgraded Lithuania's long-term debt rating outlook from stable to positive. The rating (A) has not yet been changed. DBRS Morningstar grounds its decision on Lithuania’s sound fiscal policy, improved economic resilience and its low debt-to-GDP ratio. According to the...

2019 11 27
Fintech market leaders from around the world gather in Vilnius

Fintech Inn, the largest financial technology (fintech) conference in the Baltic and Nordic countries, opened in Vilnius; this year it will be a record with over 3,000 participants, representing more than 500 companies from around the world. Organizers of the conference say that these figures show that Lithuania is visible and known on the world map of Fintech, and,...

2019 11 27
A Network of Fintech Coordinators under the 17 + 1 Cooperation Format between Central and Eastern European Countries and China is Created in Lithuania

Lithuania highly visible on the global Fintech map also becomes the 17 + 1 financial technology coordination centre. This was formally confirmed on Wednesday at the 17 + 1 High Level Fintech Forum for the first time taking place in Vilnius and bringing...

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