At End-March Central Government Debt Amounted to 38.3% of the Projected GDP for the Current Year


2016 05 02


According to the data by the Ministry of Finance, at end-March of the current year central government debt was EUR  14.740 billion or 38.3% of the projected GDP for 2016 (EUR 38.528 billion).

At the end of March central government foreign debt made up 75.9% of total central government debt: central government was indebted to foreign financial institutions EUR 9.462 billion, international organisations – EUR 1.733 billion.

At end-March central government domestic debt accounted for 24.1% of total debt: central government was indebted to domestic financial sector EUR 2.916 billion, non-financial sector – EUR 0.108 billion, and other creditors – EUR 0.521 billion.

Total long-term central government debt made up EUR 14.638 billion (99.3% of total debt), short-term debt – EUR 0.102 billion (0.7%).

At the end of March this year the structure of central government debt by currency was as follows: in euro – 64.5%, US dollar – 34.4%, Swiss francs – 1.1%.

Taking into consideration the financial derivatives applied, in March the debt totalled EUR 13.950 billion. It accounted for 36.2% of the projected GDP for 2016.

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