Credit Rating Agency DBRS Morningstar Upgrades Lithuania's Credit Rating Outlook To Positive


2020 01 11


International credit rating agency DBRS Morningstar has upgraded Lithuania's long-term debt rating outlook from stable to positive. The rating (A) has not yet been changed.

DBRS Morningstar grounds its decision on Lithuania’s sound fiscal policy, improved economic resilience and its low debt-to-GDP ratio. According to the agency, the country has a diversified economic structure and remains among the euro area’s top growth performers.

A positive rating outlook indicates that DBRS Morningstar is ready to upgrade Lithuania's credit rating in the next two years, provided that economic growth and other monitored indicators remain a positive trend and do not deviate significantly from the agency's forecasts. The last time the agency upgraded our country's credit rating was in July 2019.

Currently, the international credit rating agency Moody's has given Lithuania a long-term debt rating A3 (positive outlook), Standard & Poor's (S&P) A (stable outlook), and Fitch Ratings A- (positive outlook).