G. Skaistė: “Financial and military support to Ukraine is the best investment in international security”

Minister of Finance Gintarė Skaistė,who is currently visiting Washington D.C, in a meeting with the United States Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Wally Adeyemo stressed the need to ensure sufficient and predictable financial and military support to Ukraine, to extend sanctions against russia and Belarus, and to take decisions on the use of frozen russian assets.

“Ukraine has the will and determination to defend itself, but the country needs sufficient financial and military support. We must respond to these vital needs of Ukraine, together with Western partners, as it is the best investment in international security. The U.S. contribution is crucial in this regard – we hope that decisions will be made in the near future for the support to reach the defending country, stressed Minister of Finance G. Skaistė. - At the same time, we appreciate the U.S. leadership at international level in search for solutions for the use of frozen russian assets for the benefit of Ukraine. We are open to solutions that include not only profits from frozen assets, but also the use of frozen assets for Ukraine”.


At the meeting, the Minister also emphasised the need to strengthen sanctions, to ensure more effective their implementation and to expand the scope of the sanctioning regime in areas such as energy and financial sector.

“Together with Western partners, we must continue to strengthen sanctions against the aggressor russia and its confederate Belarus. Special attention should be paid to the effective implementation of sanctions, including the prevention of their circumvention. In this regard, the harmonisation of the sanctioning regime between russia and Belarus is crucial. We need to further increase pressure and to reduce the aggressor’s ability to wage war”, said Minister G. Skaistė.

Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Wally Adeyemo serves the Department’s number two official and chief operating officer. He has taken a leadership role in Treasury’s national security, economic inequality and pandemic-related economic recovery.