G. Skaistė: "Lithuania is establishing itself as a leader in green finance in the Baltic region"

At the annual event "Sustainability Forum 2024", Minister of Finance Gintarė Skaistė presented Lithuania's ambition as a regional green finance leader. The Ministry of Finance, together with the Green Finance Institute and Rockit Vilnius, invited leaders, innovators and change makers from various sectors to the sustainability forum, the main topic of which is "Cultivating the Green Finance Ecosystem for Sustainable Business Growth".

"In order for Lithuania to succeed in the transition to a climate-neutral economy, it is necessary to mobilize funds from both the public sector and private investors. The green financial ecosystem consistently created by the Ministry of Finance and partners increases Lithuania's attractiveness for those who choose to invest in promising green financial products," Minister of Finance Gintarė Skaistė says.

According to the Minister, after establishing the Green Finance Institute, Lithuania is becoming the centre of green finance in the Baltic region, and the Institute should become a reliable partner for everyone who needs information, consultations, and coordination of actions in the development of sustainable projects. This is an important step towards a greener, more sustainable and energy independent Lithuania.

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The Green Finance Institute is expected to become the "host" of green finance, its agenda also includes the efficient and convenient arrangement of green data: the Institute will ensure access to data for those who want to invest and help systematize data for those businesses that seek to attract such investments.

The activities of the Institute will increase the financial literacy of the public, this will develop the citizens’ ability to make rational decisions when choosing from several alternatives of financial services, and increase resistance to fraudsters.

Minister G. Skaistė also presented the ambitious Green Finance Action Plan for 2023-2026 prepared by the Ministry of Finance together with policy makers from various fields, the aim of which is not only to support the development of green finance in Lithuania, but also to create a favourable ecosystem for green investments and thus contribute to a faster green transformation of the Lithuanian economy.

Full presentation of the Minister of Finance at the "Sustainability Forum" is available here.