In April, the State Budget was Overrun by almost 9 Million Litas


2003 07 06


Vilnius, 6 May, 2003. According to preliminary data of the Ministry of Finance, in April the forecast of the State budget revenue was surpassed by LTL 8.9 million. The projected revenue amount for the month was LTL 675.8 million, and LTL 684.8 million was collected according to preliminary estimations.

In April, the amount of contributions collected directly into the Treasury exceeded the forecast by LTL 9 million. Actual budget revenue collected by the customs was by LTL 0.4 million below the forecast, whereas that by the tax inspectorate by LTL 0.3 million above the forecast.

Due to the surplus of the State budget revenue in April, the revenue shortfall, which had formed since the beginning of the year, decreased respectively and totalled LTL 36 million in the end of April. The plan on revenue collection for four months of the year was LTL 2.886 billion. According to preliminary data, the amount received was LTL 2.850 billion.

The envisaged revenue amount to be collected into the State budget in the 2nd quarter is LTL 2.340 billion, while the approved annual revenue plan is LTL 9.545 billion.