In January Central Government Foreign Debt Tended to Decrease, Domestic Debt – to Increase


2005 03 14


Vilnius, March 14, 2005. According to the data presented by the Ministry of Finance, the central government debt* increased by  LTL 108.2 million in January and at the end of the month amounted to LTL 11.7 billion. This made up 17.6% of the projected 2005 GDP.

Over the month the central government domestic debt  increased by LTL 202.3 million and at the end of the month amounted to LTL 4,306.7 million, or accounted for 36.8% of total central government debt. The long-term domestic debt liabilities amounted to LTL 3,704 million, short-term liabilities – LTL 602.7 million. The central government was indebted to domestic creditors: financial sector – LTL 3,483.7 million, non-financial – LTL 421.7 million, other creditors – LTL 401.3 million.

Over the month the central government foreign debt decreased by LTL 94.2 million and on 31 January amounted to LTL 7,384.5 million, or represented 63.2% of total central government debt. In end-month the central government was indebted to foreign creditors: international organisations – LTL 925.6 million, foreign government institutions – LTL 203.3 million, the International Monetary Fund – LTL 64.3 million, other creditors (commercial banks and financial institutions) – LTL 6,191.3 million.

Central Government Debt (LTL thousand)

Central government debt



Total debt

11 583 008

11 691 160

Domestic debt

4 104 381

4 306 724

Foreign debt

7 478 627

7 384 436

In January the central government issued the Treasury bills with the value of LTL 100 million and bonds with the value of LTL 50 million. During the month the redemption value of the Treasury bills made up LTL 30 million, that of savings bonds – LTL 1.848 million and that of securities issued under special laws – LTL 2.5 million. The short-term loans raised from domestic creditors equalled LTL 138.1 million, and repayments of these loans made up LTL 103.6 million.

The central government borrowed abroad under the loan agreements previously signed – LTL 2.6 million, while repayments of loans to foreign creditors amounted to LTL 70.1 million. Due to changes in exchange rates the debt increased by LTL 26.1 million.

Total long-term central government debt amounted to LTL 10,939.4 million, or represented 93.6% of total debt; short-term debt made up LTL 751.8 million, or 6.4% of total debt.


  • Government and Non-budgetary Funds Debt