In July Central Government Debt Decreased by LTL 4.2 million


2006 08 30


Vilnius, August 30, 2006. According to the data presented by the Ministry of Finance, the central government debt decreased by LTL 4.2 million in July and at the end of the month amounted to LTL 12.8 billion or accounted for 16.6 % of the projected GDP of the current year.

In July the central government domestic debt decreased by LTL 3.4 million and in end-month made up LTL 4.18 billion (32.6 % of total central government debt). The central government was indebted to domestic creditors: financial sector - LTL 4.04 billion, non-financial sector – LTL 88.2 million, other creditors – LTL 49.8 million.

Over a month the central government debt narrowed by LTL 0.8 million and amounted to LTL 8.66 billion (67.4 % of total debt). The central government was indebted to foreign banks and other financial institutions - LTL 8.02 billion, international organisations – LTL 633.6 million.

Total long-term central government debt made up LTL 12.14 billion (94.6 % of total debt), short-term debt – LTL 695.6 million (5.4 % of total debt).


Public Relations Division