Lithuania and the Council of Europe Development Bank Intend to Improve Social Housing Policy in the Country


2019 05 09


On Thursday, Minister of Finance Vilius Šapoka during his visit to Sarajevo had a meeting with Governor of the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) Rolf Wenzel and discussed the results of the successful collaboration between Lithuania and CEB as well as future perspectives.

Since 1996 when Lithuania joined CEB, the Bank has invested EUR 300 million in more than 10 social projects in our country.

“The targeted activities of the Council of Europe Development Bank are of exclusively social vocation. We appreciate the Bank’s input in reducing social exclusion in our country by protecting the most vulnerable groups of the population. The current Government Programme provides for the development of social housing policy in the country. This is the direction we will work on with the Bank in the short term”, says Minister of Finance Vilius Šapoka.

At the beginning of this year CEB, in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and other interested institutions, initiated the study on social housing sector in Lithuania which should give answers to the questions as to what social housing support model and what strategy are the most suitable for Lithuania in order to resolve social housing problems in our country.

This year there are on-going discussions on a new CEB expansion plan for 2020-2022. It is planned that in upcoming three years CEB will not only sustain its current priority areas, i.e. will promote inclusive and sustainable growth, integration of refugees and migrants, adaptation to climate change, but also will devote a greater degree of attention to assistance to the countries to implement the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and will enhance CEB involvement in

creating inclusive and sustainable cities.


Additional information

  • The Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) brings together 41 member countries of the Council of Europe. Lithuania, belonging to the so-called target group of countries, joined the Council of Europe Development Bank in 1996.
  • The funds of the Bank loans were used to establish rehabilitation centres for elderly people, people with disabilities and homeless children, to renovate educational and high school buildings, under the Housing Programme for Returning Exiles a special residential care home “Home for Exiles“ was built in Vilnius.  CEB loans are also invested in social objects included into the Public Investment Programme.