Marking the 20th Anniversary of the Resumption of Diplomatic Relations between the Baltic Countries and Sweden


2011 11 03


On 31 October 2011 Minister of Finance Ingrida Šimonytė participated in the seminar “The Baltic Area – Centre for Economic Progress” organised by Stokholm School of Economics in cooperation with the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. This was already a third and final event organised in Sweden for marking the 20th anniversary of the Baltic countries regaining their independence and the resumption of diplomatic relations between the Baltic countries and Sweden.

Ministers of Finance of Latvia and Estonia Andris Vilkas and Jürgen Ligis as well as Minister for Financial Markets of Sweden Peter Norman also participated in the event and delivered the main statements in it.

The speakers of the seminar “The Baltic Area – Centre for Economic Progress” stressed the importance of fiscal discipline and budget consolidation during the financial crisis. The Baltic countries were named as model countries that had managed to successfully cope with the crisis.