Minister of Finance R. Šadžius will Participate in International Forum in Switzerland


2007 11 14


Vilnius, November 14. Tomorrow Minister of Finance R. Šadžius will participate in the International Conference “Partnership with Perspectives” in Lucerna (Switzerland), where Switzerland's Enlargement Contribution Annual Focus on Cooperation with Central and Eastern Europe will be discussed.At the Conference Mr. R. Šadžius will deliver a statement on the planned use of Switzerland’s contribution in Lithuania. The Minister of Finance also intends to have a meeting with Swiss Minister of Economy Doris Leuthard.  

Almost a year ago Swiss electorate voted for the law by which the country has undertaken an obligation within five years to make a contribution in the amount of 1 billion Swiss francs (at current exchange rate – LTL 2.2 billion) to 10 new EU Member States. The contribution amount to be allocated for Lithuania within five years makes almost 71 million Swiss francs (at current exchange rate – LTL 157 million or LTL 31.4 million annually). This decision is not only a sign of Swiss solidarity with the EU, but also a possibility to enliven mutually beneficial cooperation and partnership in many various areas.  

It is expected to cooperate in research and health areas, to search for common decisions how to respond to challenges in areas of environment and infrastructure, also to solve the border protection issues and promote consolidation of small and medium – sized enterprises. With this Conference Switzerland initiates a new stage of cooperation with EU countries in Eastern Europe, which has to open broader possibilities for development of businesses and human resources in the enlarged EU market, in order to strengthen economic potential of the old continent.  

European Forum on some relevant topic is held in Switzerland annually. This year about 700 politicians and business representatives from Switzerland and new EU members will participate in the Conference held in Lucerna. In the event Minister of Finance R. Šadžius will deliver a speech on the planned use of Swiss contribution in Lithuania, the envisaged priority financing areas, namely, improvement of hospital infrastructure aimed at environment protection and enhancement of energy use efficiency, fundamental researches, initiatives of non-governmental, community organisations and their cooperation with municipal structures and health care of the pregnant, birth-givers and newborns. “Following the envisaged programmes in the health area, health care of the pregnant, birth-givers and newborns in Lithuania would be totally handled, and not only the necessary equipment would be bought, but also premises, heating and water supply systems would be also upgraded”, – said Mr. R. Šadžius about the future benefits of Swiss contribution.

It is planned that Bilateral Cooperation Agreement between Switzerland and Lithuania will be signed by the end of this year. Then it would be possible to start using the contribution funds allocated for Lithuania.


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