National Budget Revenue of the 1st Half-Year Was in Line with the Target  


2008 07 30


Vilnius, July 30. According to final data presented by the Ministry of Finance, national budget revenue of the 1st half-year of the current year amounted to LTL 11 billion 161.8 million, and that was by 1.1 % over the target.

The State budget revenue made up LTL 9 billion 286.7 million, and in fact, by LTL 69 million exceeded the target. The revenue of municipal budgets was LTL 1 billion 875.1 million, and that was by LTL 53.6 million over the target.  

Over the 1st half-year of the current year the greatest share of revenue was collected from the value added tax, i.e. LTL 4 billion 787.7 million – the target was achieved by 98.5 %. The national budget revenue from the personal income tax made up LTL 2 billion 362.1 million, and the target was achieved by 98.9%, while the revenue from the corporate income tax was LTL 803.6 million, i.e. the target was achieved by 105.2 %. Receipts from excise duties during this period made up LTL 1 billion 648.1 million, and that represented 98.7 % of the revenue planned (by 27 % more than it was received during the same period in 2007).

The Seimas approved the following indicators of the national budget for 2008: the revenue, EU assistance excluded, will amount to LTL 24 billion 294.5 million, and EU assistance included – LTL 29 billion 407.3 million.


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