The Fifth Annual International Financial Markets Conference in Vilnius Is Upcoming on May 18th


2017 05 11


On 18 May 2017 the Ministry of Finance together with the Lithuanian Financial Markets Institute (LFMI) will host the Fifth Annual International Financial Markets Conference in Vilnius. According to Minister of Finance Vilius Šapoka, it is gratifying to know that so many top-level experts are coming to Lithuania to share their insights and to exchange best practises.

Political, academic society and financial market leaders will discuss financial market trends and development perspectives, the development of the financial technology (fintech) sector and the importance of the investment and pension funds to the growth of the real economy at the Conference.

According to the experts who are coming to Lithuania, the country is full of a great entrepreneurial spirit and is on a good path in order to strengthen the local capital markets and the development of the Fintech sector.

“Lithuania, as a nation, has made remarkable progress over the last couple of decades. The next frontier is really to develop the local capital markets up to a new level. We see strong opportunities in the area of new private pension saving programmes, private equity and real estate products,” Mr. Lars Christian Ohnemus, Chairman of the Board at Northern Horizon Capital, listed key advantages.

“I think your government is doing a great job in developing the country's capital markets. And, of course, it's always nice to be a part of an ambitious crowd,” said CEO of Nasdaq Tallinn Kaarel Ots.

“Lithuania has over the years demonstrated an ability to sustain strong economic performance, an open economy and exceptional flexibility. The combination of this and the countries very skilled, young  and highly motivated labour force provides a excellent and dynamic environment for the development of successful Fintech initiatives,” noted Mr. Cyrus Ardalan, CEO at “OakNorth” in London.

“Lithuania has shown strong economic growth in recent years and since joining the euro area has continued to go from strength to strength showing innovation in the financial sector,” said Mr. Vicki Williams, Compliance and Risk Manager at PerfectCard.

“The International Financial Markets Conference is an excellent opportunity to share the insights we’ve gained from our pension fund members across Europe and in other regions about how and why they implement their long-term investment strategies through investment in real estate funds and other non-listed vehicles,” noted Mr. Jeff Rupp, Director of Public Affairs, INREV.

“Fintech is changing the world, going much further than “only” digitizing finance, it’s transforming industries such as agriculture, health, education and more. A fast-track licensing programme, alongside additional strategic added values, can position Lithuania as a regional leader, attracting promising entrepreneurs, bold investors and forward thinking financial institutes. Such an evolving ecosystem can make a substantial positive impact,” said Mr. Dan Marom, Partner at Irrational Innovations.

“It is important that countries share and learn from each other’s experiences in financial markets and pension planning. While the issues with low interest rates, long-term investing and demographics are similar around the world, there is no obvious solution, and will how to proceed will depend on local culture and conditions. However, there are likely to be elements from other systems that we can all learn from,” said CEO of the Irish Association of Pension Funds Jerry Moriarty.

“The development of the fintech industry not only opens up the ways for the progress of our financial market but it is also a potential new driver of the Lithuanian economy. Being a small country Lithuania has all the possibilities to flexibly respond to innovations, quickly assess and make use of the opening opportunities. At the beginning of the next year the European Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) will come into force in Lithuania, and from the second quarter the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will enter into effect.  In the implementation of these significant changes we have the possibilities for creating not limitations but encouraging the emergence of new competitive services, thus, I expect a new high-quality jump of the fintech services in Lithuania, which will be felt both by business and consumers,” stated Mr Tomas Vitkus, Director of Tieto Lietuva, President of INFOBALT.

The keynote speakers of the event will be internationally recognised academicians, European Union (EU) policy makers, business representatives and representatives of government institutions from the United States of America (USA), the United Kingdom (UK), France, Denmark, Belgium, Israel, Sweden, Ireland and Lithuania.

The Conference will be held on 18 May 2017 at 9 a.m. in the Merchants’ Club located at Gediminas Ave. 35. The agenda of the Conference is available at:

If necessary, for individual interviews with the participants of the Conference, please contact Ms. Ramunė Radvilienė, Chief Specialist of the Capital Markets Division, Financial Market Policy Department, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania (phone: +370 5 2390 170, e-mail.:

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