The Government Approved the Updated Draft Budget for 2010


2009 12 03


Vilnius, December 3. The Government having examined all the proposals received from the Seimas and state institutions submits the updated draft budget for the year 2010 to the Seimas.

In the updated draft Law the State budget revenue excluding EU assistance amounts to LTL 13,378 million, i.e. by LTL 226 million more than in the draft budget previously submitted to the Seimas (by envisaging additional revenue from tradeable emission permits, having adjusted the revenue received by appropriation managers from special programmes and having regard to the most recent actual data after adjustment of revenue from some taxes). In 2010 the State budget revenue excluding EU assistance is to be LTL 18,308 million, i.e. by LTL 28 million less than in the previous draft budget.

In the draft budget it is envisaged that in the year 2010 the State budget deficit will make up LTL 4,930 million, or it will represent 5.9% of GDP.

The State budget revenue, EU assistance (LTL 7,892) included, will amount to LTL 21,270 million, while appropriations – to LTL 26,200 million.

The Committees of the Seimas and the Members of the Seimas, state institutions and bodies proposed to the Government the increase in appropriations by LTL 1,250 million. Just due to the decision not to increase social insurance contributions and the proposals to maintain social guarantees and allowances for the disabled, postpone the terms for reduction in maternity benefits etc., an additional requirement for funds in the State budget and Social Insurance Fund budget amounted to about LTL 600 million.

The Government having analysed all the proposals, by reducing administration expenses and withdrawing or reducing financing of some investment programme projects in the updated draft budget proposes increasing (restituting) appropriations by LTL 162 million: by LTL 27 million – for children benefits, by LTL 41 million – for the Children Support Fund, by LTL 53.5 million – for reimbursement of transport expenses to the disabled and restituting to the minimum the appropriations that were disproportionately reduced.

National budget

In the year 2010 the revenue of the National budget, which covers the State and Municipal budgets, excluding EU assistance will amount to LTL 16,507 million, or it will be by LTL 1,689 million less than in the year 2009. The planned National budget appropriations, EU assistance excluded, will make up LTL 21,437 million, i.e. by LTL 1,581 million less than in the year 2009. In the year 2010 the revenue of the National budget, EU assistance and the funds of other international financial assistance included, will be LTL 24,399 million. In the year 2010 the planned National budget appropriations amount to LTL 29,329 million.