The head of OECD Jose Angel Gurria while presenting economic progress of Lithuania: “May unity flourish“


2018 07 05

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Today, in the Government, the Prime Minster Saulius Skvernelis, the Minister of Finance Vilius Šapoka and other members of the Government, representatives of institutions and media were presented with the Economic Survey of Lithuania, which was prepared by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). It was presented by the Secretary-General of OECD, Jose Angel Gurria, who congratulated Lithuania on becoming the 36th member of OECD – the club of the most prestige economies of the world.

“You have appeared among the best ones as you indeed are the ones among the best. Lithuania’s economy is one of the most rapidly growing in the world. We are proud that you have become a competent member of OECD family. You have achieved a lot during 10 years including surplus of the budget deficit, reduction of unemployment and the national debt. The adopted set of reforms is the best direction Lithuania has to move in,“ spoke Jose Angel Gurria, the Secretary-General of OECD.

“I congratulate on becoming the member of OECD. The OECD membership is the mark assuring investment conditions that conform to the highest standards. I am glad that OECD positively assessed Lithuania’s economy. It demonstrates coincidence of views of the world’s influential members of the club and those of our country. We have started implementing majority of recommendations of OECD. It is necessary to focus on investment attraction, creation of well paid job places through gradual reduction of the labour taxation load,“ spoke Vilius Šapoka, the Minister of Finance.

Detailed review in the English language can be found: 

* OECD is an international organization uniting 36 states and established in 1961 after joining the Organization for European Economic Cooperation, which was unifying European countries for achievement of a common goal, i.e. to rebuild economy destroyed during the II world War, by the USA and Canada. The headquarters of the organization is established in Paris. The organization offers to its members and partner countries support based on values of the organization in the way of introducing of the best global practices and standards in the areas of macroeconomics, environmental protection, education, science, technologies and innovations. Members of OECD are provided with opportunities to use the newest researches and to apply the best practice of 35 countries. Moreover, OECD makes periodical and cross-sectional analysis of economy of every member country and provides them with particular recommendations that help improve their economic governance.