Implementation of the Budget

Budget execution is the implementation of financial indicators approved for the budgetary year.

Appropriations arethe amountof funds set in the budget for expenditure of budgetary institutions and other entities receiving funds from the budget, performing public administration functions as well as for the acquisition of fixed tangible and intangible assets and strategic reserves. During the budgetary year the appropriation manager has the right to receive this amount for funding of the approved programmes from the funds accumulated in the budget by submitting the request for payment to the institution administering the state treasury or to the municipal administration.

Expenditure (cash) is budget funds paid from the treasury account directly to suppliers, all transferred funds from bank accounts and amounts paid out from the cash office in cash.

Following the end of the budgetary year, budget execution statements are drawn up considering the following:

  • The indicators of the approved Law on the Approval of Financial Indicators of the State Budget and Municipal Budgets for the Year Concerned;
  • Used Government reserve funds and reserve funds of the municipal county administration;
  • Shifted excessive and unused amounts of payments to the budget designated for funding of special programmes;
  •  Shifted amounts of the EU financial assistance as well as excessive and unused amounts of payments to the budget of other granted financial assistance;
  •  Amounts of the unused share of programme appropriations consisting of the EU financial assistance, other granted financial assistance and co-financing funds.

The State Budget Execution Statement is drawn up by the Ministry of Finance on the basis of the State budget accounting data, and the Municipal Budget Execution Statement is prepared by municipal administrations based on municipal budget accounting data.

The State Budget Execution Statement for the budgetary year is approved by the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, while the Municipal Budget Execution Statement is approved by the municipal council.

Last updated: 12-11-2023