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2018 05 10
In Jordan – Gold to Lithuania

Today, at the annual summit of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (hereinafter – EBRD) Lithuania was awarded a gold medal in environmental and social innovation for the project for renovation of multi-apartment buildings. “At the annual summit of business leaders the name of Lithuania has been mentioned for many times. It is good to take a pride in the achievements of our country....

2018 05 03
Lithuania introduces world’s first security ICOs platform, opens up for global blockchain based businesses

World’s first security ICO platform DESICO aims to create a safe and legally regulated environment in order to develop global financial and blockchain technologies, this is in line with Lithuania's ambition to become the most progressive fintech center. An ICO is becoming an increasingly popular way to...

2018 05 02
Green Financing Opportunities and Their Importance Will be Discussed in Vilnius by Financial and Business Leaders

In the 6th International Financial Markets Conference “Expanding Market-Based Finance for Economic Growth” financial and business experts will discuss the developments in financial markets, impact of financial technologies on capital markets, green finance perspectives and other issues. The Conference...

2018 04 30
Lithuanian Green Bonds are already on the Stock Exchange

The Government of the Republic of Lithuania has issued a green bond issue, which is listed on the Nasdaq Baltic Debt Securities List. This is the first issue of Government securities issued by the Baltic States, which raised funds to be used to implement green projects, i.e. the modernization of multi-apartment buildings and increase of energy efficiency. ‘We are...

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